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Finding and tracking research interview times is a huge pain. We aim to make that easier with our scheduling feature. Here's how it all works, and keep in mind there are a ton of intricate settings and options to match the intricacy and reality of research scheduling. Also, to answer the most commonly asked question, your time spots don't disappear until a participant is confirmed. This means 50 people can sign up for 3pm on Tuesday, you can choose to invite 10 people, and only after 1 person has clicked the confirm button in their email invite, or you've clicked the "confirm manually" button on calendar, will that 3pm spot disappear for future participants to choose. Now on to the workflow:


Step 1: Add a Scheduling Question

Go to Screeners >> Questions, and add a question that is "Magic Scheduling." You also have to have both an email and a phone question. This is so our automated emails and texts can work.




Step 2: Define Open Interview Spots

Head to "Scheduling" in the top nav and add Open Interview Spots (or OIS for short) that you want to have available for participants to choose for an interview time. Make sure that your correct time-zone is chosen.


2a) Preview that screener to see what kind of experience your participants will have. They are also required to choose their timezone and we calculate the difference - thanks, computers, for being good at that:


Step 3: Customize Emails & Landing Pages

The core of scheduling is letting ethnio send emails to your potential participants. You can customize the sender, the from, and all the text. Mainly you need to be comfortable letting ethnio send an email to each participant that you choose in the next step on your behalf. Once they are confirmed, they also will get all the details via email.

Step 3a) Landing Pages - after each action in a scheduling email, say when someone clicks the confirm button, there's an associated landing page. You can also customize every word and button on those pages to match your tone, branding, etc

3b) Reminders for participants about their selected interview, which is optional. You can turn on one type of reminders, like texts, or disable them all. Super helpful in making sure people actually remember their times.



Step 4: Invite (from The Yellow Boxes)

As respondents sign up for date/time slots, you will have the option to schedule them by noticing that an interview spot turns yellow and shows how many potential participants you have for that time. A confirmation email will be sent to recruits after they sign decide to participate and choose a date & time- and are confirmed to be scheduled by You. It will only turn green after the participant has clicked "confirm my interview," or whatever language you choose because it's totally customizable and international-friendly for other languages.


Step 4A) If you fill out a preview you will see yourself appear in a yellow box. This is also where you'll see prospective participants. Rollover their name to click the Schedule button. Note this will send them an email so they can confirm their interview.



Step 4B) This is what your participant will then see - first an email and then a congratulations page if their time is still open. In a weird situation where two people click the link close together, the first one gets it, and the next person gets a "Sorry about that - this time is no longer available."




Step 5: Confirmed: A Green Box

That's it! Now that time is no longer available for other respondents. It will no longer show up in your screener. Once a box turns green your participant is scheduled for that time slot. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions regarding this, or if you think a particular feature might be beneficial for using this 'scheduling' we have created. 





Optional Goodies 

  • Go to scheduling >> settings and turn on alerts to receive an email when someone cancels, confirms, etc

  • Try out the rescheduling process yourself but always make sure to use an incognito window to test rescheduling as if you were a participant
  • You can add backup/alternate spots that either are one for the whole day or one backup for a specific spot. Just hit the Backups toggle to turn on that mode and click to add backup spots.
  • You can also Subscribe to Outlook/iCal/gCal to automatically have your participants show up on your calendar. 


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  • Avatar
    Avvo User Research

    The user sees a button in the email that says "confirm my interview" - what happens with that information? Do I get confirmation that the button was clicked (or not)?

  • Avatar

    What happens if more than one user chooses the same slot before we are able to schedule them? How do we ask them to reschedule?

  • Avatar
    Ethnio Help

    Good questions - updating this since we've updated scheduling quite a bit -

    Avvo: you do get notified when the user clicks "confirm interview" both via email and on your calendar page the time slot for that participant turns green and their name appears.

    Myhealthcasts: while multiple users can select a given time, you can only confirm one participant per time slot. Once someone is confirmed the time is no longer available.

  • Avatar
    Simon Johnson

    My interview are 4 hours in duration. I want ppp to be able to choose any starting hour between 9am and 4pm. Is it best to set up a 1-hour open slot for every hour of the day so people can choose the nearest hour that suits them? If I specify the slots are 4 hours in duration I can't place more than 2 slots per day. - Any ideas?

  • Avatar
    Ethnio Help

    Probably the best is to set up a bunch of spots, then add a follow-up question asking them "if none of the above times work for you please specify when would work for you." If you create 1 hour spots there are gonna be all sorts of problems once you start scheduling people. You can always move the 4hr spot and re-send the screener with the suffix #schedule to a participant after you've changed the time... Like

  • Avatar
    Simon Johnson

    Thanks for the tip. You mentioned a "follow-up question", how exactly would you create that in the screener? Ideally it a follow-up question would only appear after the participant had chosen a time slot.

  • Avatar
    Ethnio Help

    Just a regular next question that says "If there are other times that work better for you then the times listed above, please specify them: [ single text field]"

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