Inviting external vendors or contractors to be facilitators

If you want someone to help facilitate a study but they are not on your Ethnio account and they don't need real access, you've got a couple options. Could be a vendor, contractor, PM, designer, or even a democratized role internally. Basically, this will help you add any external person from your team or even an outside vendor/contractor/agency as a facilitator. Two options:

1) Observer Route

If they really don't need any access at all to anything, add their email as an observer to the sidebar > observers. This is actually not our recommended option, because you'll also have to create some kind of placeholder facilitator to help you juggle which sessions are assigned to them, but it's a totally legit approach.

2) Collaborator Route

The collaborator seat type can be used to highly restrict someone's access to your Ethnio account, so this is a perfect use case for that. From facilitators & locations > add new facilitator > enter any external vendor email, and then click invite:


The main thing to keep in mind is you don't have to ask them to connect their GCal - you can totally assign your GCal or any connected account to them, so that's a big benefit of this route. But in invite modal that opens, just make sure to leave "ask to connect Google Calendar" toggled on if you actually do want them to use their GCal to send participant calendar invites.


For Enterprise customers using SSO, make sure you request the ability to exempt vendors from your SSO. Simply drop a line if you need that turned on:


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