Google Calendar Integration

Connect your Google Calendar account to Ethnio to do the following:

✅ Create calendar invites for participants on your calendar
✅ Separate observer calendar invites with no P.I.I.
✅ See blocked times from one or more of your calendars in Ethnio
✅ Check for conflicts and automatically hide times you are busy from participants 

This can help with show rates and internal visibility for getting your team to attend sessions. Works with 1:1, Group, Backup, and MSM sessions. Sections in this article:

  1. Installation
  2. Options
  3. How to Test
  4. Problems connecting? Common errors & fixes
  5. Collaborators


To get started, head to Account >> Integrations >> Google Calendar > Connect New Google Account

And select the screener you'd like to connect with your Google calendar. Don't worry, you can connect your Google account to as many screeners as you'd like once you've authorized Ethnio.

Now you'll need to select the Google account you'd like to use


And here comes the most important part, which may look different depending on the security settings on your Google account, particularly at large organizations. You may need to request permission from your security/IT team before being allowed to continue.


Last step is to choose the calendar in your Google account you'd like to use for calendar invites. Note you can use a different calendar for collaborator invites, and you should see any calendar that Google lists under My Calendars, which means if you have write permission then you can use it in Ethnio.


You've now authorized 🎉🎉🎉 It's time to turn on the calendar invites and setup options.


The first thing you'll want to do is activate the toggle at the top left of Scheduling >> Calendar Invites is turned on, and now go through important options

Participants Tab

This is mainly for the facilitator and can't really be shared unless you use a shared Google calendar. It contains PII and your participant will see the content of the calendar invite on their calendar. Location is synced automatically with scheduling emails, so if you setup a Zoom here it will also be reflected as [Location] in any emails or reminders. The idea is if you have other attendees, the participant shouldn't see them, which is why we've created a separate collaborators tab (more on that below).



This is a separate calendar event that the participant never sees so you can send to anyone you'd like, and typically it doesn't contain PII about the participants. This can either be something you put on a shared internal calendar or add guests. This way you could invite 100 observers and say something like "YOU MUST WATCH THIS AMAZING RESEARCH SESSION," without worrying the participant will see that.

How to Test

The logical first thing you'll want to do is make sure calendar events show up on your GCal, but there are a couple key things to keep in mind to make sure your test is successful. First, the quick tips on how to test:

  1. Use a secondary email you can check for the fake participant that is NOT your main Google account. If you have a throwaway email on Hotmail you never use, or a personal Gmail outside of your work email that is perfect. You can also use the + trick to make sure it's unique every time. Something like will not be in Ethnio already as a duplicate and you'll see what it's like to receive the calendar invite  
  2. Confirm manually to speed things up
  3. Look for calendar invite in the scheduling feed - if that shows up there it should be on your Gcal
  4. If you turn on collaborator events, give those an additional 10sec to show up

Longer Testing Instructions

Step 1: Create some interview spots in the future from scheduling >> calendar 

Step 2: Open up the screener from Preview or the link using the shortcut at the top of your screen

Step 3: Fill out the screener and be very careful to use a unique secondary email that is not the same as your Google account and you haven't already used in Ethnio. In other words, if your Google account is you need to use when filling out the screener, and if you are trying multiple times, each time use a different participant email like or

This is the biggest source of testing errors - using the same email your Google calendar uses or not using a real email you have access to

Step 4: Confirm Manually for speed's sake, so click on the Potential Recruits to Invite >> Confirm  

Step 5: Check Feed & Calendar for Calendar Invite, where you should see bo


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