Autofill sample participant: see how everything works

If you've ever created a survey, screener, or schedule, then you might have spent half your life filling it out to see how everything worked for participants or respondents. Especially if you read  The Way Things Work as a kid, but we digress.

🚀 Skip the hassle with the Autofill Sample Participant icon in the top of any interview spot

Instead of filling out the screener with some random gmail, try this button: After you click that, it will add an entirely made up participant according to the email/phone number you specify in the settings below. 

By default, it's totally fake, so if you're wondering how you'll see exactly how the SMS or emails or calendar invites look, they will be in you scheduling feed on the bottom left of calendar. You can then click everything there to test links, etc: 

⚙️ Quick Settings > Autofill Sample Participant Settings

Want to use a throwaway email or your phone number to really see how things work for the sample participants? Go for it. Find AutoFill settings from the quick settings gear icon in the top right of scheduling > calendar, and setup how you'd like to structure the fake sample participants

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