Three ways to share scheduled participants

There are several ways to share participants with your internal team, each with a unique purpose to support the real life chaos workflow of operations and research teams. All involve getting data out of Ethnio, but for different use cases:


  1. Calendar Invites (Pro and higher plans)
    You can integrate with Google Calendar to activate Collaborator events with hidden PII for PMs, designers, or anyone attending your research sessions. When to use: researchers/observers can see session in their calendar automatically 

  2. Share Respondents Page
    Do you need on input on participants of any kind? Confirmed, potential, invited, etc. You get to choose columns but any question can be included.  When to use: give stakeholders a say in choosing participants


  3. Combined Calendar
    Multiple screeners or studies all in one calendar with week/day/month/list view. When to use: share multiple screeners in one place 



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