Drag & Drop Editor for Pool Emails

It's important your research emails land properly in as many potential recipient inboxes as possible. The drag & drop editor is designed to let you create blocks of content that give each email clear structure for all clients and devices to read. This results in much cleaner and deliverable emails with a universal call to action that gets the highest possible engagement for your research.


These blocks allow you to build emails to match your specifications exactly. The preset shortcuts on the left allow you to drag and drop buttons, text boxes, images, or spacers and dividers into your email very quickly, or undo and redo as needed. You can also set button text styles from within the block itself (black panel that appears above the button) or duplicate or remove the block entirely.

Make sure to link your button correctly using the options on the right. Connect your button to any Ethnio screener using the dropdown and searching by name or screener ID number. Alternatively, you can link your button to a 3rd Party URL, by clicking the option and adding in your link.

Button Width

Keep in mind by default we set buttons to responsive width on mobile devices so that the tap regions are bigger. If you'd wish to keep the buttons fixed width on smaller devices, change the toggle. 

Prepopulating Screener Data 

If you're including a button that links to an Ethnio screener, you can choose to prepopulate the email, name, and phone in the screener after recipients land on that page.

Accessibility Contrast Ratio

Get an accessibility reading on all your styles and button colors as you are designing in real-time. This can be a helpful reminder as you are choosing button and background colors — to  make sure you are meeting the recommended standards before sending out mass emails to your participants.

More information on these standards here: https://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG21/Understanding/contrast-minimum.html


Email Subject Performance

Your subject has a massive impact on conversion and open rates for any email distribution. We show you the last few subjects and how they performed to help you optimize Engagement vs Opens vs Delivered. Read more here: https://help.ethn.io/hc/en-us/articles/360049649511

Mobile Tips

Most emails are set to a responsive layout, and it's important to know that we do a few things to be mobile-first on the way emails display on mobile devices:

  • Tables automatically stack, so if you had 2 or 3 columns they will display as rows when there is not enough room
  • Horizontal padding is eliminated to ensure the email is still readable

You can also change the preview display to mobile layout and make sure it's all setup for mobile users

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