Pool Member Detail

This is the central place for the entire history of any given respondent or participant's history with your research team and overall Pool. All screener, CSV upload, intercept, scheduling, and incentive data automatically flows into this page, and it's built with an additive / non-destructive data model that supports multiple uploads and interactionsThat means you can have the same person (unique by email) be uploaded dozens of times, fill out screeners or intercepts with different teams, and the newest data or "sources" will be at the top, with all their entire history going down towards the bottom.




You can delete and rename from this page, as well as edit responses from any source:




You'll also notice you can see Tags, Segments, and Social Lookup information here as well as leave comments. There is a Permanent Notes section that uses Markdown where you can leave notes. Everything you see on this page can be filtered or segmented back in Pool. If someone is Opted Out, you'll see a giant skull and crossbones here.

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