All about Ethnio Pool

The Ethnio Pool, as in pool of research participants, allows you to perform the same kind of complex panel management tasks as a CRM, but all focused on UX research participant management. Upload existing lists of participants as a CSV, create filters and segments, send email distributions, schedule participants, pay them incentives, and perhaps most importantly track and set rules for all interactions with your participants across your whole team and all studies.

 Note: this feature is part of Enterprise Plans only

Adding Participants

How do participants get into your pool? You can use anything from a global research opt-in page, to a recruiting agency, to an existing Qualtrics survey, to an Ethnio web intercept. See all those in one place. Using email as the unique identifier, Pool tracks and unifies all responses and opt-outs in one place.

  • Upload your own list of participants from your marketing team or internal DB of users
  • Recruiting vendor or agency can be given locked down access to Ethnio using our team permissions settings
  • Screener link, web intercept, or app intercept from Ethnio
  • Qualtrics, Salesforce, or any other tool you can export to CSV and import into Pool. API integrations also available if you'd like to automate workflow as a custom componentColumn Mapping

You can upload a regular list or opt-out list, and map columns to the rest of your pool. This means if you have 10 team members all uploading different spreadsheets with a "Number of Cats Owned" column, you can all set filters and see data across all sources.



Design & Performance

The entire table, column, and filter system has been designed from the ground up. Including the ability to measure email engagement by segment (see engagement bar below). More on engagement here.

Intuitive Filters

Easily construct filters from any screener question ever, or any CSV upload ever. Add boolean and/or logic, and save the whole thing as a Segment for easy future use.

Dynamic Segments

Easily save any combination of filters for you or your team to use. They update dynamically, so within seconds of someone filling out a screener or you uploading a CSV, if they match your segment criteria, they will appear almost instantly. For example, if you only want to see people who have filled out a screener, opted in to participate in future research, and never completed an interview, now you can have a segment that will automatically include new respondents from any screener or upload with an opt-in question.



You can now search for any participant name or email across all your screeners and uploads in a few seconds, by email. Click search or tap "s" if you like keyboard shortcuts as much as we do.

Personalized Email Distributions

Now you can choose a random subset, or the first block out of any selected group, and define certain basic personalization and variables in your email. Currently you can't reference any column in your pool as a variable, but that's coming soon.  


Opt Outs 

You can upload a CSV with opted out emails from any other source in your organization, and you can also setup filters if you have opt-outs from Ethnio, and use Pool Rules to make sure no opted-out participants from any source receive an email, ever.


Participant History

At the heart of pool is a record of every interaction with a given participant. Have they been emailed, paid, contacted, opted out, etc

New Activity & Comments

See every type of activity for a given participant across all studies, screeners, uploads, and sources. This means when anyone from your team schedules or pays a participants, it will show up here.



ResearchOps and Team Workflow

House and manage your research panel, with flexible inputs and workflows for researchers, stakeholders, and vendors, all while staying in compliance for your organization and industry.

  • Flexible growth with your team - add or remove seats, change plan limits, and unlimited onboarding for new team members from Ethnio
  • Track who on your team has been reaching out to participants, and from what source
  • Compliance, reporting, and governance - set data expiration, manage P.I.I., see all team research metrics, control team access
  • Global spending limits and incentive tracking - if you use Ethnio incentives, that is
  • Get metrics on opens, bounces, clicks, completes, and everything you need to iterate on your research conversion and workflow
  • See phone screen notes for all participants - call potential participants straight from Ethnio and update status, with everything tracked by team member
  • Participant-facing input / opt-in that you can customize - let your potential participants enter any information you'd like to sign up for your general opt-in page, which you can create in Ethnio. 


There are a number of ways to save segments and specify rules for how often your participants are allowed to be contacted across all channels, team members, and studies. The coolest is pool rules:


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