Sending an Email Distribution

Sending email distributions in Pool is as simple as selecting a checkbox next to one or more participants in your Pool, and clicking the email button. 

That will start the process which continues with the following steps:

  • The basics & audience summary - selecting members, naming your distribution, defining subject, from, and reply-to. Keep in mind participants can have multiple emails, so they will show up first as a single participant, but then you'll see the total emails in more detail in Audience Summary
  • Choose template - select any previous Pool email template 
  • Type of editor - only necessary if you're creating from scratch 
  • Editor  - edit your content, screener link, 3rd party URL, opt-outs, personalization, and more
  • Confirm - review final details

The basics & audience summary

You define the name of each distribution (instead of the default time and date) and create subject, from, and reply-to. Ethnio will remember your most recent settings from the last distribution you sent, specific to your account.  

You'll notice that in the audience summary on the right, there can theoretically be more emails than participants. This is because participants can have multiple emails.

Choose template 

Start from scratch or use an existing email template. This can either be a drag & drop editor, which is recommended for the best deliverability, or the advanced HTML editor, which gives you full control over the structure of the email but requires knowledge of inline HTML styles or an existing template to paste into the editor.


Give everything a final preview, review settings, and schedule for later or send immediately.

Nicely Done

Sent! Now you can view engagement, see a live feed of opens and clicks, and be all done.


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