Webhooks Integration

You can use this integration to notify your CRM or other internal tools anytime there are new Ethnio participants that you'd like to sync with your internal records, using email as the unique identifier. For example, if you want Salesforce to show any history of participating in interviews or being paid an incentive, you can setup any of the below events to send data to your tools.

Webhooks vs API
What is the key difference between a webhook and an API? APIs are manual—they need to be asked to pull or modify data. Webhooks automatically send data in response to a specific event, without any request from another software.

Setup & Authorization 

To get started, click +Add Webhook and add your URL listener and select one or more event types (more on those below). With each webhook request, Ethnio sends a header called  authorization with the value "bearer {token}." This token can be found in integrations > webhooks, and then inside each individual webhook. You can use this request header to authorize requests coming to your infrastructure.

Event Types

Webhook Event Name in Dropdown Description
scheduling.completed  Interview Completed An interview was completed by a participant
screener.interview.paid Participant was paid Incentive issued
screener.interview.invited Participant invited to schedule An invite email to an interview was sent to a participant
screener.interview.confirmed Participant Confirmed Participant has a confirmed interview
screener.new_response New Response A new response to any screener

Example event dropdown


This gives you an idea of what an individual webhook looks like:

Data returned with each event type

The exact data returned depends on the event type:

  • screener.new_response – screener name for filled out a screener event
  • scheduling.completed – time of the interview
  • screener.interview.paid – amount in usd, converted amount, currency and time when incentive was created

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