Translations Beta

Add multiple languages to one study, import and export via CSV/XLSX/G Sheet, and use a central translations editor to work on all fields from invites, screening, scheduling, and incentives. Get started by heading to Screeners >> Design > Translations Beta (toggle on). The first step is to check your default language (usually English), and any additional languages. A few things to keep in mind:

🪄 Responses are automatically translated

to the default language as long as they are closed-ended. Open-ended responses are not translated. 

🗳️ Import and Export (XLSX, CSV, or G Sheets)

From the Translations Editor, you can import and export using XLSX, CSV, or G Sheets. The editor will even highlight fields in yellow that need to be translated, which are called "out of sync."

🤖 All fields can be edited or automatically translated by Ethnio & AI

We use DeepL, Amazon Translate, and ChatGPT to offer the highest quality AI translations. But it doesn't end there, you can still have your localization resources and translators use the editor directly without having to touch the normal Ethnio interface. 

Add Languages

Right away, you can define the translations for your screener by selecting the language you want from the Translated Languages dropdown. Then click "Add Language."

Once you have added the language you will see a URL query next to each one. This indicates the exact string for each language, for example: French: ?I=fr, or Japanese: ?I=j.

Add Translations

Now you have defined the languages you can copy/open the sharable translations link by clicking the 
" ⇱ Translations" button in the top right. This is the main page for adding translations. From here you can localize every aspect of the screener, including: questions, intercept invite, disqualified thanks page, 3rd Party URL, and screener metadata (e.g. page title).

To translate the screener, you can very easily copy and paste your translations into the correct language column. You can either do this one question at a time or take advantage of the copy/paste column option which woks really nicely with columns from a spreadsheet or a long list from a translations tool (like Google Translate).

SSO & Permissions

You can also share the link and it will automatically create a translator account for the person viewing it. Translators do not have access in Ethnio except for the single screener you have shared with them. 

This allows you to have an internal/external professional translator do this for you. For security, all translators will need an Ethnio account to view the sharable link and add their translations. We recommend adding translators into Ethnio as Collaborators, so you can hide PII and limit their access to other projects and data.

Preview Translations in Action

Once you have added your translations, you can preview your screener in that specific language by clicking the preview icon in the column header. You can also preview the screener in a specific language from Screeners >> Design > Translations >> click preview icon.

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