Updating existing calendar events

For the Google Calendar Integration, if you have confirmed participants on your Ethnio calendar already, and have made changes to the calendar event content or location, you can do one of two updates:

1) Single event - head to scheduling >> calendar >> click on the time for any confirmed participants.

2) All events - click the update existing events button from scheduling >> calendar invites to refresh Google calendar events on your calendar, participant calendars, and collaborator calendars:


That will open up this modal with two key options, and if you've ever updated an event in Google Calendar this is a similar prompt that's basically asking you "hey do you want to update the event(s) for everyone?"



More about the two options

  • Update events created by other team members - if another Ethnio team member has their Google calendar integration (for example, a researcher you might be supporting a a coordinator) and you want to make sure the events update on their Google Calendar account.
  • If you've changed Google calendars, move events to the new calendar which only applies if you've changed 

Who gets notified?

Only participants or collaborators that had a specific time or event change will be notified.  For example, with 8 confirmed participants with 8 different times, and 10 collaborators, if you update one event time, it will only notify 1 participant and the 10 collaborators for that specific time.

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