Zoom Integration problems & fixes

If you're not seeing the right Zoom meeting in Ethnio, or noticed an integration error in Ethnio for Zoom, we've provided some common causes and fixes below.


Common Problems

  • Zoom URLs are all the same -  beware of "Use Personal Meeting ID for all scheduled meetings" inside your Zoom account. It's a setting that will lock the Zoom URL / ID to your personal meeting room for all scheduled meetings, which might create confusion as you'll see every scheduled participant in Ethnio will have the same URL but different Zoom IDs. Head to https://zoom.us/profile/setting and look for this setting to make sure it's off:


  • Your Zoom account changed in some way and is no longer able to allow Ethnio to create meetings. Plan change, permissions change, etc.

  • Webinars are no longer in your Zoom plan - if you originally had access to webinars but no longer do, please make sure to add them back.




Start with this: Disconnect & Reconnect Zoom

The best way to fix an integration error is to reconnect your Zoom integration, following the steps below.




Step 1: Verify Zoom Marketplace and Account

Verify you have the Ethnio app installed in your zoom account, which they manage in their "marketplace." Here's the link: marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed and you should ideally see Ethnio under Installed Apps (see screenshot below). If you do not see Ethnio listed here, you might not have administrative privileges to approve apps inside your Zoom account. Please contact your Zoom account administrator to approve the Ethnio app.




Step 2: Repair Zoom

Address any problems with your account, such as making sure your account has permission to add apps or adding the Webinar product to your license. 


Step 3: Disconnect Zoom for this screener

Head to Account >> Integrations and for the screener where you received an integration error



Step 4: Connect Zoom Again

Now try and connect again from either scheduling >> emails >> details, and selecting Zoom Meeting or from Account >> Integrations.

Whether you're using Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar, make sure to review any details emails you're using and select Zoom Meeting or Webinar from the dropdown, and verify [Location] is in the body of the email somewhere.



How to notify participants after you've fixed a Zoom issue

In any case where you've needed to update Zoom Meeting IDs for confirmed participants, here are the steps to get the updated meeting URLs to your existing participants before their interview, after you've fixed any issues:


Step 1) Edit scheduling >> emails >> details subject to say "Updated URL: Your interview" temporarily, as you'll be resending the details emails.

Step 2) If you have GCal integration active, you can refresh those events dynamically.

Step 3) Resend details emails for any participants with updated Zoom meetings from Scheduling >> Calendar, open any confirmed interview spots, and then click "Resend Details Email" for any confirmed participant that's missing a details email in the feed. See screenshot below:




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