Agencies & Ethnio: Ten things you should know

We support all kinds of agencies using Ethnio - UX, research, design, advertising, development, etc. This is important to us, because Ethnio was created inside a UX research agency (Bolt | Peters in SF). Our goal is to make sure agencies have a great experience using Ethnio, so please read through this list of common agency/Ethnio issues carefully before using the tool:

  1. Ethnio does not provide any participants agencies are often looking for a recruiting agency or panel provider. Basic primer here on what Ethnio provides.

  2. Yearly or monthly pricing is not always compatible with the project model of most agencies. Enterprise plans are one a year minimum, with no exceptions. Smaller plans like monthly might make more sense and you can read more on single project pricing here.

  3. Plus or Enterprise Required for support. Because of the unique needs of agencies, there are often more support questions and it's important to note that our Starter plan does not include support, as outlined on our pricing page.

  4. App Intercepts - if you're looking to do iOS or Android intercepts, which is a common agency request, keep in mind native app intercepts are Enterprise only. More info on the pricing page.

  5. Site Intercepts? This requires your client to contact Ethnio directly for JavaScript or implementation. We cannot go through an intermediary agency for site or app intercept implementation and support. Your client would need to interact with directly. If you own the Ethnio account you are also liable for traffic sent to our servers, even if you have trouble getting your client to remove code. This could incur extra costs, and brings us to the next bullet point... 

  6. Page view pricing for intercepts surprises some agencies - read more here about that.

  7. Every single human needs their own login from a client or agency - teams and projects change fast, and even if you only need someone to access Ethnio for 10 seconds, they need their own login. Your account could be suspended with no notice for any shared emails or login-sharing, and lots more information here about how that works.

  8. Client requests involving security and privacy reviews require an Enterprise license. Even if your agency doesn't need those type of onboarding tasks, if your client requires it, our Enterprise plan is required.

  9. Mention "Bill Moggridge" in any email requesting product information to show us you took the time to read this far. He was an amazing agency founder, among other things. :-)

  10. Fire drills - we understand agencies work very hard, and often very fast, to meet client needs/deadlines. You may be in a position where there's a timeline for a big client, and you'd like Ethnio to do something to support that timeline, which we appreciate! Unfortunately, these requests are often somewhat specialized and we can't always fulfill the request due to resource constraints on our side. You're most likely doing the best you can to react to fire drills, we TOTALLY support you, but we are in high demand and can't always respond on that same timeline. Please make sure to check all the articles here, Google "Ethnio + issue," and scheduling time using our links before sending an urgent request.

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