What Is Ethnio?


Ethnio is an research recruiting tool for intercepting people that use your interface from your web site or app, and then conducting some kind of research with them - moderated or automated - and scheduling them or paying them incentives automatically if you'd like. You can also email or tweet or post a link to an ethnio screener, but most people place our JavaScript on their site. Ethnio is not a recruiting agency or research consulting firm. Here's a 60 second video showing how Ethnio works:


It was created with the idea that using people who care about your product or interface, in the moment when they actually care about it, is far superior to recruiting random people from a panel that may or may not have any affinity for what you are building, and will probably be on your timeline instead of their own. It's meant to help with "live-recruiting" but can also be used to schedule participants in advance, and is targeted at UX researchers, designers, PMs, marketing folks, and anyone who is conducting research. It can also be used to recruit for in-person interviews and to build a participant pool for other types of UX research. Any time you need to recruit participants from the Web for ANY kind of research, you can use Ethnio recruiting for a fraction of the cost of a recruiting agency.


And- the screeners are beautifully designed, and ready for personal customization. The four main features in ethnio are as follows:

  1. Create a screener you place on your site or email out / tweet / post on FB
  2. Automatic Scheduling that works with Outlook, gCal, iCal, etc.
  3. Incentive payments - virtual visa cards that work all around the world, or Amazon US virtual gift cards.
  4. Logic - we have three types of logic including targeting, branchings logic, and drill downs,



How it works: 

  1. Customize your screeners to narrow down your recruitment pool using our branching logic. 
  2. Recruit your target audience from your site by using a piece of JavaScript, use Twitter to send out @replies for particular key terms, or send direct links in an email or post in an ad (Craigslist usually).
  3. Use ethnio to recruit and pass participants directly to a third party tool (i.e. Usabilla, Loop11, OptimalSort). 
  4. Once you’ve selected qualified participants, you can use Ethnio to schedule them, or you can contact them immediately for live-intercept testing.
  5. Manage participant data and incentive payments all in one place. 
  6. Automatic scheduling (that syncs with your Gcal) in beta - tweet or email us if you'd like to try it out 


Super easy. Create an account, play around creating screeners, and try it for free if you'd like. We're confident you'll find it useful for your UX recruitment. 





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