Placing Multiple Screeners / JavaScript Codes On A Single Page

If you want to place multiple screeners (Ethnio JS codes) on a page, that's no problem.  

We've made it so that when ethnio creates a cookie, it prevents users from seeing your screener more than once. Note that this only applies for screeners under the same base domain ( but NOT subdomains (i.e. and A screener placed on two different subdomains like or base domains (like and will display once on each website, but this is really rare. Most likely, you have a single domain like, and you want to place two ethnio JS codes on that page. This totally works. Some popular ways to decide who exactly sees each screener:

  • Timer - set different times of the day and/or days of the week for each screener
  • Targeting - only show one intercept to certain external variables via custom targeting filters, locations, etc
  • Order of JS - the first code will always show, so if they are all on, the first will show

So to summarize, you can place two separate ethnio screeners with two different JavaScript codes one one page, and you turn them both on at the same time. After a visitor sees Screener #1, they can't see Screener #2, and vice versa. Keep in mind whichever code is first will load first so you may need to alternate turning on or the other on or off.

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