Share Responses

Designed to let you share a link with collaborators who want to review potential participants or learn more about scheduled participants. It can even be used in calendar invites to automatically show collaborators a modal with more information, PII-redacted, about the participant of a single session.




Edit Buttons

To gather input from collaborators on which participants might be included or any other type of feedback, you can customize two feedback buttons and these responses will show up in Responses and you can filter on them:



The filter in Responses is here:



Sharing from Ethnio

You can have Ethnio send an email linking to the share page. Team members and collaborators in your account will prepopulate (blue) or enter any email:



The actual Share link itself

This is what it looks like with PII turned off and buttons enabled:


You can sort by status, scheduling time, name, or email by clicking the header of any of those columns to sort. 


Default sorting is set to Scheduling Time with the newest time at top, so if you have times in the future, the farthest away will be at the top. The sorting does not save per link currently, so if a viewer reloads the share page, the sorting will reset. 

Scheduling Times column shows all of the times a respondent selected, until a respondent has confirmed, and then it only shows their confirmed time.


Participant Details

And clicking on a single participant brings this up:



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