Get Feedback on Potential Participants

If you'd like to send a link around to your stakeholders or team members and have them rate potential participants, or leave notes, head to Responses >> select one or more participants, and click the "Get Feedback" button. This page loads 20 responses at a time, but if you keep scrolling, you can load up to 100 at a time. Remember you can also filter the list way down 



That takes you over to the editor, where you can change the title, header, labels themselves, the color of each label, and even the page title. Most importantly, you can hide columns with P.I.I, and decide whether or not the link should require a login to Ethnio. 



Privacy Warning: if you make the share link public, you could easily expose participant contact information to the internet. Do not open the link up without turning off contact columns under the Columns menu.



The end result will look something like this, and anyone can change the label or leave a comment.


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