Statements, PDFs, Receipts, and Invoices

If you're on a paid plan in Ethnio, you pay for the license with a credit card and can easily find Statements (basically, receipts) from account >> billing >> statements. Enterprise customers have the option to pay license fees with an invoice, and anyone can pre-pay incentives with an invoice. So those are the three separate ways of paying Ethnio. If you'd like us to add an additional email to receive statements, drop us a line and happy to set that up.


Details about Statements

Statements are automatically emailed to the Ethnio account owner every month at the end of your billing cycle.


Charges vs Payments

You may see items listed as both charges and payments. That's our financial system's way of differentiating something that could charge against a balance and an actual credit card payment. You only have to pay attention to payments which means an actual payment was made on your credit card to Ethnio.


How to see general statements with your Ethnio credit card purchases:

1)  Login to your ethnio account

2) Upper right-hand corner drop-down>> Billing



Invoices/Monthly Statements:

Firstly, every ethnio customer receives a monthly detailed statement upon signing up– and then again in 30 days, and again in another 30 days, and so on.


Forgot your recurring bill date? 

Login to your ethnio account>>plan & usage scroll down to Usage &  and you'll see something like this with your current cycle dates:  




  • If you do not seem to be getting your monthly statement by email, check your junk mail. 
  • It's important to have access to the email address which is associated with your account (people at big companies: we're looking at you).
  • Receipts/statements/invoices are sent to the email address associated with your ethnio account for security reasons. If you would like the monthly statements sent to a different email address, you'll need to change the email in your ethnio account. 
  • If you need a current statement asap, we'll manually re-send a statement, if you ask very nicely. 


Any other questions? Let us know. 

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