All about Interview Spots

You can easily add open interview stops by clicking anywhere on the calendar. If you click somewhere by accident, you can open up the spot and click "Delete this interview spot" to remove it.

1) Interview Spots

This is the building block of your schedule, and can be set to 1:1 or group interview

2) Invite/Confirm Manually

Once participants have responded to your scheduling question, you can then invite them to sessions by clicking the green invite button below. This triggers an invite email to this session time and location. Read more about the scheduling workflow.

3) Cancel an Open Interview Spot

If you need to cancel, re-invite, or confirm a participant manually you can open up the interview spot and click the appropriate action from the list.

4) Backups / Alternates

You can also set up special backup interview spots with different language and duration to ask potential participants to standby in case they are needed. Remember to review the content on all your email templates from Scheduling >> Communication before you makes these actions. This way your participants will always see the details you want.

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