Confirmed participants: how to reschedule or cancel

You can easily reschedule participants who have either been confirmed or invited, but the invited process is different and covered here. This article only concerns confirmed participants, and the three options for actions you can take.

Find the Confirmed Participant

To get started rescheduling someone that has been confirmed, head to scheduling >> calendar. Look for any confirmed participant in a 1:1 or Group interview. 

📧 Option 1: Ask to Reschedule (Choose new time)

This is when you want to let your participant select a new time themselves, from any available times you still have open. Simply open the confirmed OIS and click the button  "Ask Participant to Reschedule."

Make sure you customize the rescheduling email before you send from scheduling >> emails. The last step is to review this warning letting you know that you're about to send an email, and verifying that you reviewed the language in the reschedule email above, which of course you did:

Testing Note: Try Autofill Sample Participant to test this out. You'll be able to see all communication the scheduling feed so you don't need to waste time filling out a screener to see how it all works.

Zoom, Teams, and Calendar Invite Note: Once you ask to reschedule, Ethnio will immediately remove the calendar invite for the participant and any observers, as well as removing any dynamic Teams or Zoom meeting. This is because the time has effectively been removed while you wait for the participant to pick a new time and then be confirmed.

🗓️ Option 2: Proposed New Time

Do you have a specific new time you'd like to move a scheduled interview to? Simply drag a confirmed interview spot to a new time/day/week. Or open up the interview spot and click the pencil icon next to the time and date.


🚫 Option 3: Cancel 

You can cancel either an invited or confirmed participants. Either way opens up the interview spot, but they have slightly different communication. This is only covering how to cancel a confirmed participant. Click the   menu next to any confirmed participant and then cancel from Scheduling >> Calendar. Lastly, make sure you've customized the cancel email under scheduling >> emails.

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