Canceling incentives and refunds

Once you submit an incentives order in Ethnio, you can cancel each reward as long as it has not been redeemed, and receive a full refund including processing fees. This applies to both credit card funding and invoice funding. If you find a mistake with a reward, this lets you quickly cancel and re-issue.

Cancel from Incentives > Activity 

To cancel any order look for the three dots next to any row on incentives > activity. 

Can a recipient change their payment method?

After a recipient has selected a payment method, unfortunately there's no way to change it. We show a verification in the redeem flow which you can edit under incentives > redeem pages > confirm to make this language even more clear for your recipients.

Key places to check your order

Please check every recipient email on this step for duplicate emails or strange characters because you can easily remove emails on this step. 

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