Ethnio Incentives Overview

We're constantly adding new payment methods for currencies and countries around the world for your participants. This is all designed to give your participants the best PIE (Participant Incentive Experience)
  • 0% processing fees when you pay incentives via invoice (Enterprise plans) and 4% for other plans. $5,000 Minimum.
  • 8% processing fees for credit card: if you pay incentives via credit card, it's a higher fee.
  • Limits: you can set a yearly limit for any one recipient (by email) across all your team members, screeners, and incentive batches
  • International requires Pro or higher plan (150+ countries and currencies around the world). 
  • Localization / Languages: customize every button, word, and email your recipients see. 
  • Donate *Portion* is a great way to ley recipients choose any percentage of their reward to donate to charity.
  • Branded or Blind: use your logo and branding, or send the emails from a generic email for blind studies.

Adding Recipients is Super Easy

Simply choose one or more methods for your payees under Incentives >> Payment Defaults, or during the process of Incentives >> Pay People. Your scheduled or completed respondents from Ethnio will automatically show up in Incentives, but if you simply want to copy and paste, upload a CSV, or use a Google Sheet with a list of Payees, that's quick as well:  


Payment Methods

  • PayPal works in 150+ countries, subject to state department and PayPal restrictions
  • Amazon in 11 countries: Japan, Germany, Poland, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and of course the U.S.
  • Global Virtual Visa works in almost every country
  • eGift Cards only works in the US, but lots of options.
  • Uber: available in the UK and the US.
  • Instacart: available in the US
  • Venmo: available in the US
  • Starbucks US.
  • Donate to Charity: choose from +40 options.

International Options 

We support any currency and language in the world. We also have 12 country-specific methods like Japan Amazon, for example, and several global options like Virtual Visa (global) and PayPal, but we're always able to add more so just drop us a line if you'd like a new method.


Lock currency & language or auto-detect. If you're sending to one country, lock in that language and currency, or if you're sending globally let Ethnio auto-detect currency and language.

  • Tons of International Options. Send money anywhere in the world. Localization, different currencies, and cost-of-living adjustments.
  • Send multiple payment options including PayPal, Virtual Visa, eGift Cards, Amazon US and more to anywhere in the world. You can automatically pay any participant right from ethnio, using either your credit card on file or an invoice payment. Customize the email and the amount. Some restrictions apply.
  • Send blind distributions. If you need to pay participants anonymously, Ethnio can be the only brand your recipients see.
  • Track spending, get weekly reports, set limits per participant across multiple researchers and studies.
  • Import payees/recipients from Google Sheets, copy and page, or CSV. This helps if you have participants from other tools.  

Tracking and Reports

After all your rewards are sent out, you can get automatic reports on spending, export data, and much more:


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