Requesting an Invoice or Quote for Incentives

The minimum invoice amount is $5,000, which lowers your processing fees compared to purchasing via credit card, and with larger pre-paid amounts. The range of processing fees is 6% down to 0%, depending on volume. There is no maximum. For exact amounts, please contact

Some important notes:

  • The funds never expire, and are 100% refundable via electronic wire or ACH only. 
  • Once we receive payment, you’ll be notified immediately and you can pay recipients with those funds. We cannot allow you to spend funds prior to receiving payment, as that would constitute a loan or credit.
  • You can have multiple invoices at the same time and assign to different team members.
  • All the spending activity and reports will show your invoice in incentive >> activity.
  • When the invoice is close to running out, Ethnio will allow you to span multiple payment methods to fully spend the invoice.
  • Enterprise accounts can request prefunding with authorization to use funds immediately

To request an invoice, simply go to Incentives > Overview > Request Invoice button. After clicking Request Invoice, fill out the information and click Request Invoice. Our system will generate and send you or any email you specify, like AP, back the invoice PDF.

Permissions (for larger teams)

This controls who can even see or spend that invoices on your team by clicking the green  Set Permissions, which opens up the layer below. Note you can set permissions at the time of requesting an invoice, but if you aren't an Owner or Admin, you won't be able to change this later on without their help. 


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