Edit Invoices: Permissions, Memo, PO, Quote, and Download PDF

There are detailed options for incentive invoices inside your Ethnio account. You can allocate invoices to different team members, set limits, track spending, and lots more. You can edit any invoice from Incentives > Invoices:


Click the edit icon next to any active incentives invoice:Then edit any of the following aspects of your invoice:

  • Permissions - who can spend the funds on your team
  • PO# - add or edit
  • Memo - add or edit
  • Quote - toggle on or off


For the account owner or any admin, or if you requested the invoice, head to account >> billing, and edit an invoice to change fields or choose team members who can access these funds. 

Limits for Team Members

The account owner or admin can set limits for your team members who pay incentives using the same invoice, if you've pre-paid incentives via invoice. You can't set limits for team members if they are sharing your credit card. This is found under account >> billing, but only for the main account admin. Team accounts don't have access to this.


Advanced: Want team members to pay for their own incentives?

You can easily do that. They will be prompted to add their own Credit Card or pay via Invoice. Up to them. From  account >> billing use this toggle:

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