Guide: Issuing Incentives in Other Languages

If you're issuing incentives in other languages or currencies from the US, there are generally two approaches:

1️⃣ Single Currency / Country / Language

If you want to fix the currency to something like EUR or JPY to issue an even amount in local currency like 100EUR to participants in France, we recommend creating a screener (AKA study/project) for that language and naming it by the country/language (e.g. # Incentives Japan [JP]).

2️⃣ Multiple languages/countries/currencies

If you'd like to support multiple languages at once in a single payment order or study, you can use our translations feature, depending on your plan to automatically have Ethnio translate and add languages that will automatically show to recipients/participants. More here:

List of all the fields to translate

With either approach above, it's easiest to use the translations editor to make sure you get every field in incentives pages and emails translated. Steps to do that are below.

  1. Turn on translations from screeners > design (or studies > setup) toggle translations to on
  2. Create your default language or add multiple languages (depending on what your plan allows), and head to the translations editor
  3. In the top left, select either Incentive Pages & Methods or Incentive Emails
  4. You can then either edit the default language or multiple other languages right from this editor, or import/export to G Sheet/XLSX/CSV


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