Pay Flow: Min & Max Amounts



Minimum Amounts

If you're allowing participants to choose from multiple methods, we show you the minimum required value for the highest minimumWhat in the world does that mean? Let's say you chose:

  1. PayPal  ($5 minimum)
  2. Amazon ($5 minimum)
  3. eGift Cards ($10 minimum)

For that batch you have to pay people at least $10, because that's the highest minimum. If you want to only pay $5, which is the Ethnio minimum, go back and remove eGift Cards from that batch.



Fixed vs Variable Denominations 

Almost all methods in Ethnio are variable denominations where you can enter any amount between a min and max value. But a certain small number of incentive methods in Ethnio have fixed denominations, like Target US eGift cards or Starbucks UK eGift Cards, for example. If you choose to pay your participants £65 GBP with these two methods:

  1. UK Virtual MasterCard  (any amount £5 -£1,000, so not fixed denomination)
  2. Starbucks UK eGift Card (fixed denomination of £5, £10, £20, £25, £50, £100)

Then Ethnio will automatically let your participants choose £50, which is the highest value closest to the value you chose in your batch. You might ask "Why can't I just choose the right fixed value for them?" The quick answer is that you absolutely can, and in the above example . you just have to make sure you set that properly. 

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