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  • Melina Martinez

    So, I'd like to keep the option open to use up the rest of the pageview credits I purchased this month, but don't want to have to remember before the next bill is charged to cancel ethnio.  Can I downgrade now and keep the stuff I bought? Or do I lose it the moment I downgrade?

  • Schoolnet UX

    " For example, if you realize you were just charged for a month, and cancel a few days later, your credit card will never be charged again, but you will not get a refund for that last month."

    How about if I realized I was charged and then canceled 7 minutes later?  Can I get refunded for the month in that instance?

  • Ethnio

    Just realizing that we've been sending individual responses to these comments instead of posting here - so for both these comments:


    1) we can't setup a scheduled cancellation at this time. :-( 

    2) yes we'll totally refund you if you email us within 7 minutes

  • Schoolnet UX

    hi.  thanks for the prompt response here, but I submitted a help request regarding my comment above and haven't heard back (20 days ag0).  can you please investigate?  i believe the request # is 287.  thank you.

  • Schoolnet UX

    all sorted.  thanks for the prompt assist.

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