Wordpress and Other CMS Compatibility


Ethnio works just fine with Wordpress and most large CMS tools like Squarespace, SharePoint, or Wix. You'll have to edit your footer code, which in wordpress is footer.php. For the Wordpress example, you do that by going to Appearance >> Editor file or if your control panel gives you access to manage 3rd party JavaScript, just place the ethnio code there.That will mean the screener will appear on every page of your site, but since we use a cookie, nobody will ever see it twice. If you want to only display on one page, you'll have to manually place the code in the footer of that post or index.php, but it's also fairly easy to do.

It's generally considered the best practice to put these kinds of third-party JavaScripts at the very bottom of your page, so as not to interfere with the page’s load time. Although some people swear by putting all of their script calls in the head tag- that part is up to you.


How has your experience been using ethnio with Wordpress? We'd love to hear about it. 

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