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You may have an interest in directly linking people to your screener to send out via email or post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ethnio makes it easy to do this. They are responsive and mobile-friendly, and a great way to use in targeted ads or social media. Here's an example of a link: 

(try re-sizing your browser to see how it appears on mobile).



  • On the Activation page, look for the box that says 'Direct Link' - that link will go straight to your live screener.  Feel free to paste the link into a Tweet or in e-mails if you'd prefer to recruit people this way.  
  • In case you've forgotten, a direct link is a way that you can use your screener without having to deal with implementing the javascript code onto your page.  For example, you may want to post your screener on Twitter or send it in an email, instead of only doing live recruiting.
  • In order for your direct link to work, you must have the screener activated.  



And then over on the Facebook side, just for example, you can create an ad that is targeting to one geographic region very easily. Obviously this isn't ethnio, but just so you can see:


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