High Traffic Wrapper vs Display Interval


We offer several advanced options under Screeners >> Publish. inside your ethnio account. The first, a "High Traffic Wrapper" lets you cut down the actual traffic you send to Ethnio servers. This is particularly helpful if you have millions and millions of pageviews per day or month, you can set the code to only ping our servers 50%, 10%, or even .00001% of the time and potentially save money on the ethnio plan you use- and more importantly, not send mind-boggling amounts of traffic to our servers. The two main methods for cutting down views to your screener are as follows.


1. High Traffic Wrapper (cuts down pageviews)

We generate the high-traffic code when you publish your screener for a bunch of reasons (caching, performance, some other server logic). But that means once you select, say, 1% from the high traffic wrapper the code changes in that box and you need to copy and paste that exact code on your site. That code is now customized to only talk to our server 1% of the time. You cannot change this without changing the JS code. It's fixed. Another way to think about this is that it's server-side, and even if you login to your ethnio account, you can't change the high-traffic wrapper without regenerating JS and replacing it on your site.



2. Display Interval (you can change on the fly without hassling developers)

The confusing part is how all that above relates to the display interval - that's all handled by ethnio dynamically. With the display interval you don't have to update the actual JS code on your site at all. To use both of these features go to 6) Publish>>show the advanced options. The main thing about the display interval is that you can change it any time without touching the JS on your site: 


This option actually changes the code that you place on your server, adding a random math function on the client side, to get into the technical lingo.



This is what the modified code looks like:

<!-- Ethnio High Traffic Activation Code -->
<script type="text/javascript">
if(Math.floor(Math.random()*100000)==0) document.write('<script type=\"text/javascript\" language=\"javascript\" src=\"//ethn.io/remotes/21223\" async=\"true\" charset=\"utf-8\"> <\/script>');

And again, you can still set the Display Interval once you limit the code with a high traffic wrapper. Let’s say you have the view frequency of your screener set to 1% inside ethnio. If you wrapped that in a script that limited running the ethnio code to 10% of your visitors (see how this is becoming like a fourth-grade word problem), that would mean only 100,000 of your visitors would have a chance of seeing the screener, with only about 1,000 actually seeing it. Keep in mind that of this 1,000, only about 2% will actually respond. THE FUNNEL.

The other options, Timing, Manage Codes, and Automatic Shut Off, are more self-explanatory, but they here are the detailed explanations:

  • Timing - set a delay for when the screener appears on a page
  • Manage Codes - keep the same JavaScript, but display a different screener
  • Auto Shut Off- the main thing you need to know about this is that it's an absolute number. If you have 100 responses in your screener, and set your shut-off to 50, nobody will ever see your screener. So set it to 150 and you'll be good to go.

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