Manage and Delete Sources

You can delete any CSV Upload source from Pool >> Sources Dropdown >> Manage Sources:


It's important to understand what happens to the data:

1) If Pool members only existed in that one source, they will be removed from Pool

2) If Pool members from that source existed in other sources, they will remain in Pool

Either way, the source may be shown as [Deleted Source] in Pool Member detail or activity, and if you later upload a column with that member again, the data from the deleted source will be restoredLet's walk through an example:

Example: Fruit Cohort

Let's say you have a CSV upload that is the only source for one or more participants, in this case a Fruit Cohort with one participant, Barbara who has a column Favorite Fruit: Screen_Shot_2021-05-27_at_10.27.27_AM.png

That source then shows up with one member. That member, Barbara, would also show up in a filter and segment that shows people who have favorite fruit = apples. Now if we head to Pool Home >> Sources >> Manage Sources, you can scroll down and delete that source:


When we return to that segment/filter, Barbara would no longer be shown! Fin.

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