Triggers & Conditions

When using Pool Automations, you can setup certain questions and answers as triggers for an automation. Once you've saved an automation, there are a couple ways to include new screeners or questions in that automation.


Specific Questions & Answers 


Option 1: Duplicate Screener

If you create a new screener from an existing screener that is included in an automation, that new screener will have the same questions & answers included in your existing automation automatically. In the screenshot below, you can see that any question will have the Pool Automation Trigger automatically selected if you have duplicated the screener. 




Option 2: Manually Add Questions

If you start a screener from scratch, or want to include a new screener in an existing Automation, head to screeners >> questions, and find the question you'd like to include in one or more existing automations. Finally, select that from the dropdown in any closed-ended question on your screener:




Answers (Conditions)

Now that you've associated the question with your existing automation, or created a new question, if the question and answer is the same as an existing answer, no further action is required. If the answer in your question is new, you'll need to head to Pool >> Automations and edit the automation to add the new answer(s) to your automation.


Any Valid Response

If you've created an Automation with Any Valid Response as the trigger, there's a much simple question for future screeners you might create. Is the screener part of the Automation or not? Questions don't come into play at all.


In this case, you'll either see this blue Trigger box on screeners >> questions or not. If it's not there, you'll need to head to the Automation to add any new screeners that were not duplicates.



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