Merging Tags

Let's say you have two or more tags across Pool members, and you want to combine them into a single tag. This is the best way to do that. Please note this will also include any blocked or opted out members with these steps. 


Step 1: Add a Tag Filter with Multiple Tags

Head to Pool >> Home >> Add Filter, and then add two or more tags under the has specific tag(s) option under the filter. In this example we'll merge android and another tag into Smart Phone.



Step 2: Select all 

Click the checkbox at top left to select all the results of your filter.



Step 3: Click the tag button

Now in the tag modal, remove any unwanted tags. In this example we're going to remove both android and some tag.



Step 4: Create or select the new merged tag

Either type in a new tag, or select an existing tag. In our example, we're creating a new tag called Smart Phone that will now contain both previously tagged with either android or another tag.  


Now you'll see the new merged tag, and just hit save.



Step 5: Success! Your filter may have zero results 

Depending on if you merged into a new tag or one of the existing tags, you may now see zero results here. That means it worked. Simply edit the filter to contain your new merged tag to verify everything worked correctly.



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