Email Distribution Status & Feed

After you send an email distribution in Pool, you can see how many emails were successfully delivered, dropped, opened, and even how many recipients clicked links. That information is displayed on the Nicely Done page, which you can easily get to from  pool >> email >> status.


This is where we display every event that takes place when you email people from Pool. You'll see the email and action, and keep in mind there could be many instances of the same email because one person can open an email several times or click on a link multiple times.

Common Event Types

  • Opened  – Email was opened
  • Bounced – The receiving server rejected the email, usually because the email no longer exists or spam filters. This goes together with dropped - they generally both happen
  • DroppedSame as a bounce, but also means the email was blocked by an ISP or is no longer valid
  • Clicked  Link inside message was clicked

Dropped, Bounced, or Failed

Here's a little more detail on why an email might be dropped or bounced. This could happen for any of the following common reason, and it's a pretty normal part of any distribution. Anything over 25% would be an indication something is wrong with your recipient emails:

  • recipient’s email address is invalid
  • recipient has unsubscribed already from an email in the past
  • email was bounced when the email was being delivered
  • email was reported as spam email

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