Rules & Governance

There are a number of ways to restrict how often your participants are allowed to be contacted across both scheduling and Pool emails. There are five types of Pool rules:

  1. Cool Down Period
  2. Yearly Incentive Limits
  3. No Shows are never allowed to be emailed
  4. Restricted Tags
  5. Opt Outs


Each rule can be edited by the  owner or admins, with variable conditions and actions. For some examples, let's look below at common types of governance you might like to put in place on all research outreach at your organization or team.

1. Cool Down Period

Specify periods of time after the last email or interview in which your participants cannot be emailed. For example, let's say you wanted to setup two cool down periods, so that anyone who has completed an interview can't be contacted for 2 weeks and anyone that's received a Pool email can't be contacted for 1 month, you can set the following rule:

2. Yearly Incentive Limits

Set limits on your incentives to block emails to participants who reach a certain amount. Typically, you may want to make sure that no participants can be scheduled once they have received $499 in incentive payments during the calendar year. In that case, you can set the following rule:


3. No Shows are never allowed to be emailed

Once a participant has been marked as a no-show in Ethnio, you can stop them being contacted again. And as with the other rules, you can block Scheduling emails, Pool emails, or both. 


4. Restricted Tag

Add the tag/s you wish to be blocked to stop a group of participant being emailed. For example, let's say you find a segment or list of participants that cannot be contacted, if you can tag them as "Do Not Contact" and add that tag as a condition for this rule they cannot be emailed. 


5. Opt outs

There are many ways to manage opt outs in Ethnio, but this is the most effective for large teams and those working with multiple segments. Turning on this rule will ensure all the participants who opted out, or were uploaded to the Pool as opt outs, are blocked from emails.

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