Within Pool, you can add or edit tags for any member of group of members in many places throughout Ethnio. The main Tags page gives you a single place to clean up, delete, or rename tags. Click on any tag to rename or view details on that tag.

ent.pngClicking on a tag brings you to this view where you can rename, change color, or edit the description. You'll also notice that activity for this tag displays on he right now. 

All the places where you can add tags

1. Add tags when you upload a CSV

When you upload a file into Pool, you'll be able to add one or more tags to the entire upload if you'd like.

2.  Pool home

Start by checking the box next to any pool member you'd like to tag, or if you're in a segment or have applied filters, you can select all the members within your segment or filters.

3. Member detail page

This one is pretty straightforward - edit the tags for any single pool member

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