Sender vs Repy-to vs From

If you are using Ethnio to email your participants for anything from scheduling to incentives to mass invites from Pool, you can always customize the reply-to and from name, but the sender is locked for maximum security, deliverability, DKIM, and SPF compliance. If that doesn't make any sense, here's a diagram to show the difference:

Enterprise Customers

Domain Verification is an important step in onboarding new Enterprise customers for Ethnio, and this means your organization has implemented an email and subdomain of your own. For example, if Acme setup a subdomain like, then the sender email might be, because typically participants don't see the sender. It's mostly behind-the-scenes, and so the Reply-to and From name are what you can always edit and what participants see.

Diagram showing sender compared to reply-to

Credit Card Customers

For all other plan types in Ethnio, the emails are delivered from the sender or or a few other select emails in our own DKIM infrastructure. Participants still will almost never see the sender, and instead will see the From Name or Reply-to that you specify in Ethnio.

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