Adding Observers

If you're using either Google or Outlook integrations with Ethnio, you can add observers to automatically receive calendar invites with no PII for any confirmed participants. The first step

1️⃣ Turn on Seperate Observer Invites

From scheduling > sidebar > facilitators & location, turn on the toggle for separate observer invites

2️⃣ Add Observers

On that same scheduling sidebar, click + Add and enter the email of anyone. They don't have to have an ethnio account 

3️⃣ Edit Observer Invite Content

From Communication > Calendar Invites > Observer

4️⃣ Update Confirmed Participants

This only applies if you already had confirmed participants, and then added observers or updated the observer invite content. Not to worry, either update an individual event or update all events. You'll see the updated calendar invites in your scheduling feed.

Single Interview Time Update
Click any confirmed interview, then click Update and either update the calendar invite alone without spamming everyone, or trigger emails along with the calendar udpate.

Bulk Update all Interviews 
From Communication > Calendar Events, hit the Update Existing Events button to update all your existing confirmed interview times for both participants and observers. 

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