Managing Shared Calendar Availability Across Screeners


Ethnio's screening tool offers a shared calendar feature to prevent double booking of researchers. However, screeners do not share participant data between them due to privacy and security rules 🔒.


1. If a participant is confirmed in one screener, the other screener will display a grey "blocked" area indicating that the time slot is no longer available 🚫.
2. To sync availability, activate "Automatic Availability" for the concerned researcher 🔄.
   - Hover over the researcher's name in the Facilitators & Locations sidebar 🧑🔬.
   - Toggle on "Automatic Availability" ✅.
Now, when a time slot is booked in one screener, it will be marked as unavailable in the second screener, ensuring accurate availability and preventing double bookings 🚫📆.

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