Translations Country and Language Mapping 🌎

If you're using the centralized translations editor to support multiple languages in one screener or study, this article will show you all our supported languages, the country codes we use, and the mapping of countries per language. Ethnio uses ISO 639-1 with a small number of exceptions where the codes make no sense, or there's a supported country. You can see all below.

Ethnio uses to show translated languages automatically to participant or incentive recipients based on their location. For example, if you add German, anyone in Germany viewing a screener, incentive link, or scheduling link should see German language by default and be able to select a different language you've added if they wish.

Code Language Countries where language is displayed by default
EN-US English (US) United States
EN-GB English (UK) United Kingdom
AR Arabic Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, etc.
BG Bulgarian Bulgaria
CA Catalan Catalonia (Spain)
CS Czech Czech Republic
DA Danish Denmark
DE German Germany, Austria, Switzerland
EL Greek Greece, Cyprus
ES Spanish (Spain) Spain
ES-AR Spanish (Argentina) Argentina
ES-MX Spanish (Mexico) Mexico
ET Estonian Estonia
FI Finnish Finland
FR French France, Belgium, Switzerland
FR-CA French Canadian Quebec (Canada)
HE Hebrew Israel
HI-Hindi Hindi India
HR Croatian Croatia
HU Hungarian Hungary
ID Indonesian Indonesia
IS Icelandic Iceland
IT Italian Italy, San Marino, Vatican City
JA Japanese Japan
KA Georgian Georgia
KO Korean South Korea, North Korea
LT Lithuanian Lithuania
LV Latvian Latvia
MS Malay Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei
NL Dutch Netherlands, Belgium
NO Norwegian Norway
PL Polish Poland
PT Portuguese Portugal Portugal
PT-BR Portuguese Brazil Brazil
RO Romanian Romania
RU Russian Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan
SK Slovak Slovakia
SL Slovene Slovenia
SR Serbian Serbia
SV Swedish Sweden, Finland
TH Thai Thailand
TL Filipino Philippines
TR Turkish Turkey, Northern Cyprus
UK Ukrainian Ukraine
VI Vietnamese Vietnam
ZH-CN Chinese China, Taiwan, Singapore

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