Multiple concurrent facilitators at the same time 👥

If you're running a study with multiple facilitators, and you want to have participants schedule times with up to four concurrent facilitators, here's how you do that.

1️⃣ Setup multiple facilitators

From the sidebar on scheduling, head to facilitators & locations, and setup all of your facilitators. Take extra care to make sure their locations are correct for each facilitator. Maybe they have different static links, or different Zoom accounts, or even different physical locations.

2️⃣ Clone times

Make sure you have at least one interview time added, then click the clone icon:

Clone this interview time button

3️⃣ Assign facilitator to each time

Switch to day view by tapping d on your keyboard, or using the day/week/month dropdown. Then assign each concurrent time to a different facilitator:

Assign facilitator to each session

🕜 Participants will see the time until all concurrent sessions are booked

You're all done! Participants who select that time will show up for all three concurrent sessions, until you confirm them for one facilitator. 

💡 Pro Tip: Use the Facilitator Name personalization

Make sure to review scheduling emails/SMS/calendar invites to use the Facilitator Name personalization so that participants will see all communication as if it were from the correct facilitator for their time. Most everything should have that by default, but it's a good little detail to review.

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