In-Person Locations

If you and your team conduct a lot of in-person studies, you may want to setup In-Person locations with instructions that can include images for things like parking maps. These instructions will only render for that particular location, and will be sent automatically to participants that confirm interviews at each location via email, SMS, or calendar invite.

1️⃣ Add in-person locations

Click on Facilitator & Locations from the sidebar on scheduling > calendar. Then click the In-Person Locations button, and create one or more locations. The address field will show up in calendar invites as the location, and the instructions will show up in emails, SMS messages, and calendar invites in the description field. Keep in mind images will only display in emails.

👥 Bonus: Share an in-person location across all screeners if most people on your team use the same location and instructions. If you do this, if anyone edits the location it will change for everyone.
💡 Pro tip: For instructions, start with bold line and an emoji to highlight the information for participants  

2️⃣ Select a location for each facilitator

If you have multiple facilitators, each one can have a different location, and each type of interview (1:1, backup, group, or MSM) can have their own separate location. Select In Person Location to see the list.

3️⃣ The new location dropdown

If you'd like to route participants to multiple locations, say for multiple facilitators using different locations, you can turn on a new option to let participants narrow down times by location in screeners > scheduling question > options:

location dropdown in scheduling question

💡 Add an image and formatted text block with instructions to your screener

To help tell participants make sure and select the location nearest to them, add a formatted text block and image above your scheduling question letting them know to be careful and select the right location

✅ Turn on the option to show the location dropdown from screeners > questions > scheduling

This will show the Select location dropdown to respondents filling out your screener for the first time. This way they can filter times by location. The default is always "Any Location"

Options for scheduling question - narrow down

Then your respondents and participants will see this dropdown in the scheduling question:

🙈 Only certain locations show to participants 

Only 1:1 interviews or group sessions with multiple locations assigned to multiple facilitators will display to participants. This means if you have a location for backups or subsequent sessions in MSM, those will never show up in the location dropdown. If you're using MSM, only the 1st session MSM locations will display when participants book that, and only subsequent locations will show up farther down through the MSM process when participants are booking Sesion 2, 3, etc. 

Both the short name and address displays, but please reach out to if you'd like the address to be hidden.

4️⃣ How confirmed participants see instructions for in-person locations 

Anywhere you use the {↔️ location} personalization, the instructions will automatically display for participants for the correct location. Check it out from Preview in scheduling > communications > emails > details. Please note that images and rich text formatting can't display in calendar invites or SMS, but the text instructions will.

🙆  Select the right Facilitator when previewing to make sure and see instructions for the location assigned to that facilitator

Preview of in person location

💡 Pro tip: Move {↔️ location} personalization underneath other top details and remove emoji if you're using in-person locations. The red pin will always render in front of the correct location, so this is how it should look in your editor:

Location with no emoji at the bottom

4️⃣ Scheduling pages, rescheduling and MSM with Multiple Locations

The last aspect of this process with multiple in-person locations is when you have a participant that is rescheduling or in multi-session mode. The new "narrow down by location" dropdown will also appear on scheduling pages if you have it enabled from the scheduling question option above. 

For example, if a participant completes their 1st session in a certain in-person location, it will default to that same location for their 2nd session as long as subsequent sessions don't have a separate location, but they can select different locations to filter times. Phew, that's a lot. Basically, Ethnio does it's best to keep participants in the same in-person location through either rescheduling, invite previous, or MSM. If they reschedule or pick subsequent sessions, they will see locations filtered by their original location by default from the scheduling pages.

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