Testing Out Ethnio

If you're getting started with a new project, or using Ethnio for the first time, we always recommend you test out your setup to make sure everything is correct. Here are the main ways you can test out Ethnio:

1. Screener logic. Check you have setup the right screener logic using the screener preview. The benefits of using the screener preview is that you can see the logic at work! Just follow the asterisk symbols for any qualifying logic.

2.  Scheduling. You can either fill out the screener yourself (good idea to test the screener questions setup at the same time), or use the auto-fill sample participant option from any open interview spot. Tip: when you fill out a screener you probably want to use an email you can check.

3.  Pool preview. The biggest issue here is spam, so make sure to follow best email practices, especially for subject languageā€”and take advantage of Ethnio's subject recommender which show you which email subject lines have been the most successful by percentage. The second issue that comes up a lot is variables like [Participant First Name], so check all these are setup correctly too. If you're still having issues with spam check out read more about domain verification here: 


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