Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Integration in Ethnio

Integrating Microsoft Teams allows you to easily schedule Teams meetings from within Ethnio. As Teams is part of Outlook, it's fully managed by your Outlook account, which means sometimes the integration may not work as expected. Here are some steps to try troubleshooting:

Check Microsoft Teams is Enabled in Outlook 

The Ethnio-Teams integration relies on Microsoft Outlook. Make sure the Outlook account connected to Ethnio has Microsoft Teams enabled.
🔹 Open Outlook and go to File >> Office Account >> Manage Integrations
🔹 Ensure "Microsoft Teams" is listed as an Enabled integration
❗ If Teams is not enabled, click on it to enable the integration, which may require re-authenticating to your Microsoft account.

Validate Outlook Calendar Integration 

Ethnio needs access to your Outlook account to create Teams meetings. Make sure the Outlook integration is working properly. 
🔹 In Ethnio, go to Scheduling >> Calendar, and make sure confirmed participants appear in your Outlook calendar 
❗ If calendar sync fails, check for errors and try re-authenticating the Outlook integration in Ethnio.

Try Re-Authorizing Outlook & Ethnio 

🔹 In Ethnio, go to Account >> Integrations >> Outlook/Teams >> Edit (if multiple accounts enabled)

🔹 Click Re-Authorize with Outlook

❗ If the re-athorization fails, click "Remove Integration" to revoke access, then "Connect" to re-authorize.

This may fix any issues with Ethnio's permissions to create Teams meetings.Hope this helps troubleshoot your Microsoft Teams integration with Ethnio! Let us know if the problem persists.

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