Quotas in Ethnio 📊

Making sure your research includes certain cohorts or groups is key, but recruiting a balanced sample across different audience segments in a single study can be tough. 😣 Using quotas in Ethnio can help! Keep in mind this feature is for soft quotas that do not automatically cap or limit participants in any way. They are more like "guidelines," in the words of Hector Barbossa. 

They're more what you'd call guidelines

Btw, what are quotas?

Quotas in Ethnio are soft targets for numbers of participants from different demographics, audience segments, or anything that divides your target research audience into separate cohorts.🔢 For example, you may want:

  • 60% 👱♀️Gender A and 40% 👱♂️Gender B
  • 30% 👩🏽💼Ethnicity 1, 30% 🧑🏻💼Ethnicity 2, 30% 👨🏽💼Ethnicity 2

But in Ethnio you can use absolutely anything to define quotas:

What conditions can quotas use in Ethnio?

You can setup soft quotas from Responses > Quotas to help you select the right participants during the scheduling process. Each Quota can have up to three conditions based on the following inputs:

1️⃣ Questions and answers from your screener. This is the most common type of condition, and can include multiple answers or a single answer. This can include is or is not logic.

2️⃣ External variables or attributes passed to Ethnio from anywhere. These could be from your product data, intercept data, or API integration with Ethnio

3️⃣ Location based on GeoIP data (city, region, or country)

4️⃣ Pool tags 

The unique aspect of quotas in Ethnio is that you can view and filter on a large number of quotas directly from the calendar view:

Btw, multiple conditions use “any valid” logic. Questions use “and” logic, but inside one question, it’s “any valid” for multiple answers. 

Completed vs Confirmed

You can decide if you would like to have the quota based on completed participants or confirmed participants. Set this up from the Study Total modal inside the quota setup flow or from Responses >> Quotas.

  • Completed participants allows you to make sure you hit your quota at the end of the study.
  • Confirmed participants helps you meet that quota as you are inviting and scheduling participants.

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