DocuSign Integration Errors & Warnings

One tricky aspect of connecting your DocuSign account to Ethnio is that your account has to meet the following criteria:

💰 Paid DocuSign account 
✅ API Add On (not to be confused with only having PowerForms)
✅ PowerForms

Perhaps you've seen this:

1st Common Fix: Contact DocuSign to verify you have *both* theAPI Add-On and PowerForms

You need to have both of these on your DocuSign account: 1) The API add-on 2) PowerForms. The best way to make sure you have both is to contact DocuSign, as they aren't necessarily tied to a specific plan type. See their table below from their pricing page:

DocuSign API Pricing Table

To integrate with Ethnio, you do need a higher level paid DocuSign account. Most DocuSign accounts do not have support for API PowerForms, as an example. If you have a large Enterprise account, it's more likely you have this enabled, if that helps.

2nd Common Fix: Try a different DocuSign Account

You might need to connect Ethnio to a different DocuSign account that does have PowerForms. In this case, head to DocuSign to revoke the Ethnio App and then connect again:

Note about Custom Fields

If your DocuSign account has the API Add-on, there are also "custom fields" that are required to pass a screener ID from Ethnio to DocuSign and then to return back from DocuSign the status of a signed form back to Ethnio for our consent history / activity.

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