Calendar invites showing up as emails

One confusing aspect of calendar events is that there may sometimes be an email with all the details of a calendar event in your participant or collaborator email inbox. This is generated by Google Calendar and helps ensure maximum calendar compatibility, but is totally separate from Ethnio scheduling emails. You've probably seen a million calendar event emails, and they typically include a button to accept/decline/maybe attend:


Replies to calendar emails or events

Your participants may reply to calendar events or emails directly, which will go to the email associated with your Google calendar. Please note this could be different than what you've defined in Ethnio scheduling >> emails. Feel free to forward any Rewards or Ethnio-related questions from your participants to


The organizer field 

When your participants see calendar events as emails, the calendar organizer will show up as the "from" field in their inbox. This is most likely different than the "from" identity you've defined in Ethnio scheduling >> emails. Depending on the type of type of calendar you've selected, it will either show as the calendar name or the email you have associated with your Google account:


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