Google Calendar Issues & Troubleshooting

There are a few places you might run into a problem connecting your Google calendar account and Ethnio. Here's the quick table or scroll down for  with common errors or problems:

Can't connect Google to Ethnio

During the authorization steps to connect your Google account to Ethnio, it's super easy to miss one of Google's small checkboxes as you go through the authorization steps:


If you don't check this box, you'll see the following red error in Ethnio:

Authorization Error

You may also need to get internal approval to allow Ethnio to integrate with Google, especially with larger or financial organizations.


Red Integration "not working"

If you received an email alerting you to an integration error or saw the error in your scheduling feed (screenshot below) after successfully connecting a tool like GCal to Ethnio, we've provided some common causes and fixes below.


Calendars not showing in Ethnio

If you aren't seeing your Google calendars show up in Ethnio, the most likely cause is that you don't have write permissions to those calendars in GCal. In other words, you can subscribe to calendars in GCal, but that's not the same as being able to have full create permissions, which is what Ethnio needs. Generally speaking, the calendars you see under My calendars on are the ones you should see in Ethnio. If you are not seeing those, try this fixi.


Stuck fetching calendars 

After authorizing Ethnio with your Google account, making sure you checked all the appropriate permissions boxes to ensure Ethnio can create calendar events, if you get stuck on this modal below and it won't display your calendars, try removing the integration and connecting Ethnio again. Then head to account >> integrations >> google calendar >> fetch calendars 



Disconnect & Reconnect Google Calendar

The best way to fix an integration error is to reconnect your Calendar integration, following the steps below.

Step 1: Disconnect GCal for this screener

Head to  Account >> Integrations>> Calendars and for the screener where you received an integration error

Step 2: Connect GCal Again

Now try and connect again from either scheduling >> emails >> details, and selecting Google Meeting or from Account >> Integrations>> Calendars>> reauthorize with Google.

Make sure to review any detailed emails you're using and select Google Calendar from the dropdown, and verify [Location] is in the body of the email somewhere.


🏁 Step 3: Update existing event 🎉

This little button works wonders for generating calendar invites that didn't show up. Head to  Scheduling >> Calendar invites>>update existing event:


The more harsh option: Remove Integration

If the above disconnect doesn't fix calendar events, you can try the Remove Integration button, but if you have existing calendar invites on participant or collaborator calendars, this one can be much trickier.


Remove Ethnio from Google's 3rd party apps 

Head to and click Remove Access next to Ethnio. After that's complete, head back to ethnio >> account >> integrations >> google calendar and go through the steps again making sure to check all the checkboxes.


Check calendar permissions in Google

Check permissions in Google to make sure you have edit/create event permissions on any calendar you'd like to use in Ethnio. Usually, if you see them under My calendars in Google, they should appear in Ethnio:


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