Error 400: Admin Policy Enforced

When attempting to connect your Google account to Ethnio for a calendar integration, you may encounter this error which comes from your organization's security settings.





Steps to fix

Luckily, there are fairly easy steps for your Google administrator / security team to take to authorize Ethnio as a trusted third party application. If they have any questions at all, please email 




Step 1: G Suite Admin Portal

To allow Ethnio users to connect their Google accounts, your G Suite administrator / security team will need to grant Ethnio API access through the G Suite admin portal.




Step 1: New App

Your Google site administrator has to go to security settings and select the menu for configuring a new app. In the drop-down, select OAuth App Name Or Client ID.


Step 2: Search for by client ID

Search for the app by using the following client ID:


Step 3: Checks

Check the checkbox next to the client ID, as in this screenshot. Then press select.




Step 4: Trusted

On the last step, select the radio button for "Trusted: Can access all Google services", and click "Configure". This doesn't mean Ethnio gets access to everything, it only means we can now request access to use specific APIs.


Done 🎉

After your Google administrator has completed all the steps above, any Ethnio users can attempt to connect their calendar integration from Ethnio >> Integrations >> Calendar.



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